Hurennoise – Kurwy krzyk [Cc_E_maru_MI]
Konzept sum ergo fellatio im April 2006

What song the syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he did himself among women,
although puzzling questions are not beyond all conjecture.

Sir Thomas Browne, Hydriataphia, Urn Burial or a discourse of the Sepulchral Urns, 1658¹

Resistance against the enormous media trash gushing over us without intermission. Against the bondage to determine sexuality at his/her discretion. Against medial abuse of its dominant position and against exploiting of sexuality.

The essence of the performance hurennoise is the endeavour to comprehend better sexuality and mechanisms of power. It is a rejection of the prostitution of system upholders, and also of the medial 'scapegoat – strategy', because the ceremonial of the scapegoat represents the prototype of all expelling rituals. Reported by Plutarch in Greece (Boötia) there were one or more scapegoats ritually expelled every year in 1st AD. This 'principle of sacrifice' still seems to be socially immanent – with the cruel addition that meanwhile the professional 'human sacrificing and exorcising priests' do real sacrifices on the medial altar. The Greeks knew well enough of the representative position of their scapegoat (pharmakos), it sufficed to avert evil things this way. For the medial moguls today that is not forceful enough already for a long time. Nobody is expelled, but all are sacrificed the one thing: conformity. Resistance seems to be of no avail, because quasi the Hydra the heads of the media giants double by striking off. Nevertheless Herakles was sucessful in destroying Hydra, so there is also hope for us to defeat the medial monsters.

Therefore the sequence of the performance integrates in this concept of resistance.

Be that the outfit of the artist is disconcerting, and the demonstration of an aggressive demoting of sexuality, be that the symbolic destroying of medial instruments of power is practised. Old 'cause-effect shemes' should not at all be relevant, because they seduce to remain in anacronistic courses. [Causality had already disused since the bearing down of the Newton's world view, but is still sold as the truth, if there derives benefit from it. Hurennoise also as a rejection of utilarism.

Rather habitual courses are left and new medial ways followed.

¹ The writings of Sir Thomas Browne (1605 - 1682) are coined of the philosophy Bacon's, and consequently also of an inquisetiveness about all scientific in relation to nature. In 1658 Browne published two coherent discourses, Hydrotaphia - Urn Burial and The Garden of Cyrus. An archeological find, a Bronze Age urn field in Norfolk (around 2100 - 700 BC) has inspired him to that. As one of the most important chapter the fifth counts for, in which Browne is contrasting the uncertainty of the human fate to the certainty of death, and the cursoriness of the human being as one of the main problems is regarded all times.