HURENNOISE {HN is Cc, E, maru and MI}

live-performance "MAN IS A BAD ANIMAL" in december 2005 at MEDIENKUNSTLABOR kunsthaus graz pictures
concept to hurennoise english * german processed material DVD "man is a bad animal" video "B_left_T00_sonicDC"

concept development of kurwy krzyk "SUM ERGO FELLATIO" in april 2006 at Competenz Centrum ESC graz pictures
concept to sum ergo fellatio english * german
project-development / live-performance ['sum ergo fellatio'] in june 2006 at MEDIENKUNSTLABOR kunsthaus graz
pictures vertical horizontal DVD "sum ergo fellatio"

Hurennoise makes a critical study of the mechanismens, which are brought into action by the powerful to perpetuate their position, whereby each acting is meant, which subserves to oppress individuality. All what is useful to keep (wrongfully practised) might, for instance the misusage of media as intruments of control and keeping in leading-strings or the oppression of self-determination is made a subject of discussion. The performance wants to tear the audience out of habitual tracks of perception, they shall be lead to such of irritation respectively distraction. The - the normal capacity of perception exceeding - series of pictures and sound sequences as a total composition shall make aware the instrumentalisation of media for the purpose of oppression and control. Dynamism is given thereby, that each performance singles out a certain aspect and works on it. According to that these series are subjected to a permanent modification and a continuous change, a flexibility, which is as well claimed by the audience. From pure consumption quasi to conscious reflection, from dictation to active reception, from passive to synthetical anticipation. * german

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